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Understanding A To Z About Fitness

Fitness can be defined as the ability of the body to perform physical activities without any stress or injury. Though most people engage in rigorous activity as a part of daily routine, others know that fitness plays a very important role in overall wellness and performance. It is in fact a proven fact that through incorporating balanced fitness regime into daily life will enhance health and life, mitigating risk of illness and injury and increasing the ability to work.

It is important to remember that fitness is all about improving one’s endurance and muscular strength, cardiovascular and cardio respiratory health. That also includes things such as taking the pet for a walk, playing with kids, raking the leaves etc. Fuelling the body with proper food, eating balanced and proper sleep is also important along with having a foolproof fitness regimen.

Fitness serves to be one of the most crucial parts of well balanced wellness regime. With correct nutrition and proper stress management, fitness has its own life.

Fitness is indeed of different types like physical, cardiovascular and cardio respiratory fitness. Let’s discuss each of them in detail below and see how fitness can improve one’s overall health and wellbeing.

Physical fitness

It is a general state of well being and health and more importantly the capacity to perform aspects of different occupations or sports. This type of fitness is achieved through proper nutrition, moderate to rigorous physical activity, rest and exercise. It is in fact a set of characteristics in people and that relate to their ability to do set of physical activities or exercises.

A comprehensive program made for individual focuses mainly on one of more skills and even on age and health related requirements like bone health, heart health etc. Many sources also consider social, emotional and mental health as crucial part of fitness. Physical fitness on the other hand can treat or prevent various chronic health conditions caused due to aging or unhealthy way of living. Working out also helps people to sleep better and alleviate mood disorders.

Research has also shown that physical fitness and exercise can prevent or slow heart diseases, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis, loss of muscle mass, arthritis and high cholesterol to name a few. It even helps to ease out some aspects of aging process.

Regular physical activity has a lot of positive, proven health benefits and that too for the heart. Vigorous exercising schedule strengthens heart as pump, thereby making it larger and more efficient. Moderate activity can actually boost the good cholesterol, help in circulatory system, lower fat and blood pressure levels. All such effects then translate into decreased risk for heart attack, stroke or other heart diseases.

More active you become, more are the number of calories that you will eventually burn. And more the calories burnt, more is the weight loss. Proper physical activity and exercise also helps in promoting fat loss and builds up muscles. This also increases the metabolic rate of the body. Metabolic rate is basically the rate at which calories are burnt even when you are no longer exercising.

So, in a way, more intense an activity, more are the calories that you will be burning. You do not require setting aside huge amount of time to exercise to enjoy great weight loss results. If you cannot do actual workout, try getting active all through the day in simple yet fruitful ways like taking stairs rather than the elevator.

Do you find it difficult to fall asleep? Regular physical fitness and exercise can help a great deal in letting you fall asleep fast. Do not exercise close to your sleeping time or this way, you will be energized to fall asleep.

Physical fitness and regular exercise are great ways to enjoy health benefits, feel better and have a healthy lifestyle. As a goal, just aim for 30 minutes physical activity on a regular basis. If you wish to lose weight or to meet some fitness goals, you will have to exercise more. Always remember to always check with your physician before you start an exercise program and that too when you have not exercised for long time, have some problems like diabetes, arthritis or heart diseases.

Benefits of exercise and physical fitness are endless and include greater amount of strength and stamina, improved appearance, enhanced flexibility, better health, increased energy and positive attitude. Regular physical fitness can result in immediate as well as long term benefits. Regular exercising has also been shown to lessen mortality and morbidity from various chronic diseases.

This is all about physical fitness that you should know. Now, it’s time to have in depth knowledge about cardiovascular fitness, what it is, what benefits it provides and how to indulge in the best of cardiovascular activities.

Cardiovascular fitness

Cardiovascular exercise or what is shortly called as cardio is the movement that gets your actual heart rate increasing and increases the blood circulation. Cardio exercises called as aerobics as well make use of large muscle groups for a long period of time. Some examples of cardiovascular fitness include cycling, playing tennis, pushing lawn mower, swimming, walking or running. As you participate in any of the cardio exercises, your heart rate as well as breathing becomes highly elevated.

As you gain cardio endurance, various internal adaptations occur in your body, thereby making you healthier with great ability to tackle intense cardio exercises. Your heart gets strong with ability to pump the flow of blood throughout the circulatory system efficiently. Oxygen’s delivery system to the working muscles get effective as with the capacity for carbon dioxide and waste to be taken out of the muscles. You even develop more of haemoglobin and more capillaries, thus leading to greater ability for transporting blood to the regions where required.

Below we bring out the benefits that you can enjoy with perfect cardiovascular fitness and health. They are:

Improved heart health

The very first benefit that you enjoy with good cardio health is improved heart. Your heart is the muscle like others and for it to become healthy and strong, it needs to be worked. In case you fail to do so, it will get weak over the time and can cause many negative health issues.

Enhanced metabolism

Another reason behind doing cardio exercises is due to its effects on your metabolism. Apart from speeding up heart rate, cardio fitness also helps to increase rate of several other processes in your body.  In general terms, more intense the cardio regimen, more increase you will notice as far as metabolic rate is concerned.

Diabetes management

For all those with diabetes, cardio fitness helps them to manage their condition. Through performing exercises, you can increase the ability of the muscles to use glucose. Those people who exercise on a regular basis tend to have more control of blood sugar level. For diabetes sufferers, this is highly important because these people are more sensitive to changes in the blood sugar level.

Some more benefits of cardiovascular exercises include:
  • Low blood pressure
  • Decreased cholesterol level (overall)
  • Increase in good HDL cholesterol
  • Decreased body fat
  • Reduced resting heart rate
  • Increase in heart functioning
  • Decreased stress and anxiety
  • Reduced glucose stimulated insulin
  • Increased aerobic working capacity
  • Increased cardiac output

So, these are a few advantages that you get from cardio fitness. Now let’s know how to carry out cardiovascular exercises in best way possible.

Always try to keep it simple. In case you are confused regarding what to do, just start with basics. You need to do at least 20 minutes of exercise to get started. Get your calendar, find just 20 minutes of time on alternate days and do something such as running, walking, and gymming- whatever you like. Make this as a habit first and then work on intensifying it later on.

Also, the best part about cardio exercises is that you can easily select the activity that increases heart rate. You do not need to do same workout in each session or every week. In case you have been doing same workout, did you not get bored? Changing the cardio fitness exercise is simple so try doing it often and soon you will discover more and more activities that you can enjoy.

Cardiorespiratory fitness

Next come cardio respiratory fitness that is equally important like physical, cardiovascular or mental fitness. Cardiorespiratory means the ability of the respiratory and circulatory systems to provide oxygen to the skeletal muscles during physical activity. Proper, daily exercise make such systems efficient through enlarging heart muscles, thus enabling more blood to get pumped with every stroke and increasing number of the small arteries in skeletal muscles that supply blood to the working muscles. Exercise also improves respiratory system through increasing overall oxygen level which is inhaled as well as distributes to the body tissue.

Cardio respiratory fitness is the measure about how well the body can transport oxygen to the muscles during prolonged exercising and how well muscles can absorb as well as use oxygen once it gets delivered to produce adenosine triphosphate energy through cellular respiration. Well, cellular respiration is the chemical procedure in the body’s cells which helps in converting energy stored in food that you eat into ATP energy which is recruited for use by muscles. In other words, cardio respiratory fitness is the measure of strength of aerobic energy system.

There are in fact many advantages of having proper cardio respiratory fitness. It can help to reduce risk of heart diseases, type 2 diabetes, heart stroke, lung cancer and others. This type of fitness also helps to improve the heart and lung function along with improving the feeling of wellbeing.

Benefits of cardio respiratory fitness

  • Stronger Heart
  • Lowered Bp
  • Stronger Bones
  • Improved Sleep
  • Decreased Body Fat
  • Increased Stroke Volume
  • Increased Cardiac Output
  • Improved Cholesterol Ratio
  • Improved Glucose Tolerance And Insulin Sensitivity
  • Decreased Resting Heart Rate
  • Increased Caloric Expenditure
  • Increased Metabolism
  • Increased Endurance, Stamina, And Energy
  • Increased Ability To Metabolize Fat

The process of cardio respiratory function works like:

As you breathe in air in your lungs, oxygen present in the air is absorbed in blood in capillaries which surround the lungs and transported through pulmonary vein at left side of the heart.

Oxygenated blood is then pumped out of left side of the heart and in the arteries which deliver it through the body to muscles.

When this oxygenated blood reaches muscles, oxygen us then absorbed in the muscle cells from blood capillaries which surround them. At the same time as the blood provides oxygen to muscles, it even removes the carbon dioxide, the waste product from the muscle cellular respiration. So the de oxygenated as well as carbon dioxide rich blood gets returned to right side of the heart through veins.

The blood then gets pumped out of right side of heart to lungs through pulmonary artery and once it’s in the lungs, the blood produces carbon dioxide in the air which you breathe out and later absorbs more oxygen from air you breathe in. So, in a way, the whole procedure gets repeated again.

You can easily improve cardio respiratory fitness through performing prolonged exercise which recruits the aerobic energy system. Any sort of activity which gets you heart rate increasing and keeps it intact for longer period of time actually qualifies as a legit cardio respiratory exercise and is thus very useful for your overall aerobic fitness. But to achieve proper results from such a fitness schedule, you need to choose your activity type, frequency, intensity as well as duration.

Hire a fitness trainer for best results

To achieve all the fitness and enjoy a healthy wellbeing, you surely need expert guidance and skills of a fitness instructor or trainer.

The benefits of having a fitness trainer is that it is one of the easiest, fastest and most successful ways of improving one’s fitness level and overall health. Indeed benefits of fitness training have proved to be so useful that it has actually spread beyond the realm of just rich and posh people. These days, fitness trainers or instructors are hired by people of all economic levels, age group, from all across the world in order to have a healthy lifestyle that the people are not able to achieve on their own.

Body shaping, sculpting, toning, weight management or reduction and fat reduction can all be enjoyed with professional services of a qualified and experienced fitness instructor. The trainer can easily help you out in setting realistic and practical goals along with providing you safe strategies. You will eventually learn proper ways of using the right equipment, appropriate technique and form for weight training, cardio and much more.

A fitness instructor can also act as doorway to new experiences for personal growth. A lot of trainers these days offer mind and body activities like tai chi or yoga sessions. Your trainer will also help you to uncover the new insights about your own body and wellbeing or will help you find your potential that you may not have realized until now.

Benefits of hiring fitness instructor

The main reason behind people hiring trainers is to enjoy professional help for improving cardio health, flexibility, strength, posture, coordination, balance and endurance. A fitness instructor will also monitor your workouts, progress and will fine turn your exercise schedule so that you can enjoy the best of health.

More so, a personal fitness instructor helps to define fitness goals of his or her clients. The trainer takes into account the present fitness level and then discusses what you wish to achieve through your fitness or exercise plan. While you may have ideal of goals that you wish to achieve, the professional will be able to help you out in a better way by breaking them down in smaller, achievable goals that are realistic and specific. In all, the trainer will also help you to assess progress towards the set goals.

Motivation is generally hard to maintain as you exercise on your own. Proper, daily sessions with fitness instructor enhance motivation to carry out workout regimen easily. Even when you do not hire the services of a trainer for each session, knowing that you will meet the instructor soon will help you get the motivation during workouts. You may even get satisfaction of showing it to your trainer the progress you have made as your fitness program proceeds further.

Experienced trainer also teaches you different types of exercising methods that can in turn keep you from getting monotonous. Even more, in case a specific exercise does not work beneficial for you, the instructor can change it as per one’s requirements and enjoy physical benefits it offers. Trainers even help to make proper adjustments as fitness level enhances and improves to offer continued, beneficial, permanent progress.


So, with all the information mentioned above, we hope you have clear understanding about what fitness is, the types of fitness and how a seasoned fitness trainer can help you achieve your exercising goals.

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